Why Do Cats Love To Sit On Our Stuff?

Our cats have many weird habits:

They love to sit in cardboard boxes (no matter how small or big), they love to “make biscuits” (kneading), during their “crazy hour” they will run through the house like a retard being chased by a ghost, and another crazy thing that our cats do is lying on (or walking over) our stuff.

If you have a cat, you must have experienced these situations: you’re sitting at your desk, working, and after 5 minutes you will find your cat curled up on your laptop. Or your mouse pad.
Or when you come back from making a coffee, your kitty is taking a nap on your news paper/magazine.
Or – and this is the real winner – you’re getting ready for a night out and when you want to put on your shirt that you lied on the bed, you find your cat kneading it to make a nice spot for a catnap.

It makes us wonder… why do our cats like to sit on things that we are using?
In turns out that there’s a legit explanation for this funny, typical cat behavior. And it’s so sweet that it makes us love cats even more! (yeah right, if that was even possible!). 

So, there are basically 3 possible reasons that your fluffy friend is so into your stuff:


Cats are really driven by scent, a cat’s sense of smell is 40 times stronger than of people. They like to sit on your stuff because they smell like you, and this makes them feel happy and safe. CUTE!


This one does not really sound surprising. Cats are hugely territorial and they want to mark everything around them with their pheromones.


The last reason is the best reason: cats really love to be near us. They’re huge attention seekers, and they need our love and affection every moment of the day. Aww!

By the way, it turns out that cats have been doing this for centuries.

Medievalist Emir O. Filipovic was studying through fifteenth century manuscripts at the State Archives in Dubrovnik, Croatia and found cat paw ink prints on the pages!

Article source: poopycat

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